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All of these — done. Now there is only one left (and the last written in series): “Forward the Foundation”. 

The dreams I have when I read these books… Wow.
It’s awesome that he has written many more stories, so I don’t have to feel very sad when I finish this one. Just a small sadness, that will do.

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In his second year of neuroscience grad school, Greg Dunn was moonlighting with a different kind of experiment: blowing ink across pieces of paper. The neuron-like pattern it formed was instantly recognizable to him as a neuroscientist. “Ink spreads because it wants to go in the direction of less resistance, and that’s probably also the case of when branches grow or neurons grow,” he says. “The reason the technique works really well is because it’s directly related to how neurons are actually behaving.” Dunn calls this the “fractal solution to the universe,” which he sees as the “fundamental beauty of nature.” (via Discover Magazine)

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Archeologists Of Shadows Graphic Novel


Archeologists Of Shadows Graphic Novel

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